GEP certification

Following the first inspection carried out by the Inspectors of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, on 29 October 2020, AgriSearch Innovations was recognized as suitable for conducting official field tests with plant protection products aimed at obtaining the following information:

  • effectiveness of plant protection products;
  • data on the appearance or possible development of resistance;
  • impact on quantitative and / or qualitative yield;
  • phytotoxicity towards target plants and plant products;
  • observations regarding undesirable side effects.
Thanks to the location of our operational offices in Emilia-Romagna and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, we can cover the major agricultural areas of central and northern Italy with a great variety of possible crops (also on request). For the more Mediterranean crops, we have a collaboration with field trialists that can conduct tests for us following our guidelines.

AgriSearch Innovations is already in GEP Certificate Database System (Certibase) and is authorized to conduct its studies in the following areas:

  • aquatic areas;
  • non-agricultural areas;
  • tree crops (top fruits);
  • herbaceous crops;
  • forest crops or woodlands;
  • medicinal and aromatic crops;
  • ornamental crops;
  • horticultural crops;
  • seed dressing;
  • post-harvest conservation;
  • weeding;
  • entomology;
  • nematology;
  • plant pathology;
  • agricultural zoology;
  • seed production;
  • harmful vertebrates;
  • growth regulators;
  • activators, wetting agents, surfactants, defoamers and others;
  • adjuvants in general;
  • vinification, oil-making, appertisation of fruit and vegetables as they are or after processing;
  • nursery and soilless crops.