Cookies Policy

disclosure of 11-10-2021

What are cookies

Cookies are text files containing, among other things, an identification made up of letters and numbers that is downloaded to every device (computer, tablet, smartphone) that accesses any website. It is not executable code and does not transmit viruses.

Depending on the type, cookies can be used exclusively to facilitate navigation and the normal use of the contents or to give the user a recognizable identity and collect information on the navigation carried out to be used commercially.

Cookies can be stored on the device for a long period (persistent cookies), or have a limited duration for navigation by deleting themselves when the browser is closed (session cookies). They can be installed from the site you are visiting (first-party cookies) or from other websites through calls made from the site being browsed. (third party cookies)

Complete list of cookies used by

Cookie categoryUseNameLife
First-party technical temporary cookies Used by for the proper functioning of the site    
Session cookies a6d4bcd9164b0c19bf202efc7de4e373 Session
Consent to the use of cookies cookieconsent_status 6 months
Third party cookies Cookies used by third party services integrated within the pages of the site. They can collect the IP address, track the devices used and the geographical position, profile the user:    
 Used by YouTube to remember the consent Videos hosted on Youtube servers integrated into the site pages CONSENT 2 years
 Cookies used by Youtube for analytics help collect data that allows services to understand how users interact with a particular service. These insights allow services both to improve content and to build better features that improve the user’s experience. VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 2 months
 Used by YouTube to remember user input and associate a user’s actions. YSC Session
More about Google Cookies Policy    
Geographic maps to identify the locations of AgriSearch Innovations Srl offices integrated in the contact page    

Management of cookie preferences

When accessing any page, there is a banner that contains a brief information.

"This Site uses its own technical session cookies to make the user's browsing experience easier and more intuitive and uses some services provided by Third Parties to integrate character fonts, videos and maps within its own pages.These services are offered by YouTube and OpenStreetMap from domains other than and may release profiling cookies and / or collect the IP address, track devices and geographic location.You can freely decide whether to accept or reject some or all the services provided by the companies indicated above by accepting, personalizing or rejecting the services of Third Parties."

The consent to the use of cookies is recorded with an additional session "technical cookie" which will persist for 24 hours.

Support in configuring your browser

The user can also manage cookies through the settings of his browser. However, disabling the use of cookies may encounter difficulties in navigation.

For more information and support, you can also visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using: