Plant resistance inducers (PRIs)

Although all the legislation is currently (April 2021) still in full evolution, it is since 2014 that we have adopted particular experimental methodologies which, in October 2010, have resulted in a specific guideline dedicated to the experimentation of this class of pesticides.

We continuously develope or improve new and old experimental methodologies in order to guarantee you the best experimental approach and results.

We collaborate with chemical and biological laboratories that allow you to measure all the parameters necessary for carrying out the test with the best balance between the precision of the measurement method and cost. From the ordinary test with phenotypic assessments only to the more complex evaluations through the use of metabolomics that measure in detail what happens in the plant we set-up the test based on your investment availability, optimizing each step together with you.

To learn more about our methodological approach, ask for our technical and statistical approach presentation in PDF format.


How and how much, different drought stress levels can influence on fluorimetric parameters on C4 crop.

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